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This is my very first one, so bear with me and enjoy reading about my adventures cooking all of the recipes from Nigella Lawson's new book 'Kitchen'.

From time-to-time I may post about things other than cooking, after all, Nigella does sell a lifestyle that most women would like have a slice of, so I would like to share a bit of mine - not quite as glamorous but fun none-the-less (may I add that most of my ideas and thoughts revolve around food anyway)!

Just to set the scene a little, I am based in Yorkshire, live with my husband and gorgeous toddler who is rapidly approaching his second year. I work in the events industry and love music, books, fashion, culture and of course... food.


Goddess Mx (meant in the loosest possible sense, believe me)!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Pudding, brunch to-die-for, and a nice wintery salad

I am dismayed to begin this post with news of the fact that I do not have a photo of the lovely puffed-up delight that was my Choc Chip Bread Pudding. It was really a Bread and Butter Pudding but let's not get pedantic. It really did look a treat, like a swollen puddilicious crown. I did photograph the dish in its splendour but unfortunately we were broken into over the weekend and the scoundrels took my iphone so the proof (of the pudding) is gone. You will have to take my word for it that it looked lovely, and was equally as tasty.

On Saturday I made a brunch dish which was a nice change - Cinnamon Plums with French Toast. I enjoyed making the compote which comprised of sugar, cranberry juice, plums and cinnamon sticks. The scent really reminded me of childhood, although I am not sure which part. I love smells that transport you back in time. Very powerful.

On Sunday my mother-in-law came for lunch and we made Butternut Squash Salad. I do like a salad but it is difficult to come up with ideas in the winter for warmed versions so this was welcomed with open arms. The squash was cubed and roasted in oil, turmeric and ginger, and then tossed in rocket, pine nuts and golden sultanas. Very good indeed and MIL approved. With happy tummies we all ventured into the City to buy new shoes for Little M: the flashy ones that light-up as you walk; and his first pair of wellies. I don't know who was more excited - Little M or us grown-ups living vicariously through him.

Going to have a go at the Apple and Pear Pandowdy soon, along with some other delights. I bought some cocktail ingredients too to mix things up again.

Goddess Mx

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  1. I've been cooking 'kitchen' too. Interesting to read your thoughts on the recipes.