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This is my very first one, so bear with me and enjoy reading about my adventures cooking all of the recipes from Nigella Lawson's new book 'Kitchen'.

From time-to-time I may post about things other than cooking, after all, Nigella does sell a lifestyle that most women would like have a slice of, so I would like to share a bit of mine - not quite as glamorous but fun none-the-less (may I add that most of my ideas and thoughts revolve around food anyway)!

Just to set the scene a little, I am based in Yorkshire, live with my husband and gorgeous toddler who is rapidly approaching his second year. I work in the events industry and love music, books, fashion, culture and of course... food.


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Monday, 11 October 2010

Oh Monday, Monday...

As per the norm, I have been so busy over the weekend that this is the first chance I have had to blog. So here goes...

The fajitas on Thursday where absolutely a-m-a-z-i-n-g, and were a great tonic to compensate for an irksome week! The chicken was so tender and infused with lime, cumin and other lovely flavourings. When I put all the little bowls of additional yumminess out on the table it all looked a bit too healthy. A little bowl of coriander, creme fraiche, avocado salsa, sweetcorn and sweet chilli sauce but it was a taste explosion. Felt sorry for Master M who doesn't partake in coriander or sweetcorn consumption, and indeed doesn't like iceberg salad which I also served up. The biggest surprise was the tortillas which were much nicer warmed in the oven than the usual nuke in the microwave. Will be making these again for sure.

Next up was Friday and if I had blogged then, the title would have been 'Thank Cheesecake it's Friday' as that is what I baked, yes baked! I managed to do it while Little M was having his afternoon nap but he awoke while it was still in the oven in its bain marie (or water bath). I had nightmare images of him toddling into the kitchen, opening the hot oven, and pulling the tray out of the oven so kept us both prisoner in the living room until it was done. Fast-forward to Saturday evening and we had a couple of good friends over for cocktails, dinner (pizza) and cheesecake. Oh, I shouldn't have been so smug. The cheesecake was hideous. Really overdone I reckon. I think it needed a little less time in the oven as it was claggy (is that a word)? The toffee sauce was nice but a bit thick I thought. Will need to do lots of practice with this dish I suspect.

Yesterday we had a lovely day out with friends at Harewood House. Have always been put-off going by the admission price but admittedly I think it was worth the money. The gardens are so beautiful and we saw a silver birch across the lake which looked golden in the mid-afternoon sunshine. We spent the whole day there just meandering around with the ducks in the bird park, penguin viewing, perusing the orchard and vegetable garden and generally soaking up the autumn sun. Will definitely be visiting in future and not just for the Peppa Pig days or occasional concert.

At home I made a humble egg and bacon salad which does what it says on the tin really. Nigella says she boils her eggs for just one minute and then lets them stand in the boiled water for 10 minutes so that the yolk still has a hint of a wobble. This works really well! This meal was plain but satisfying, rather like something your granny would serve up which can't be a bad thing.

To balance out the modest salad, I made Strawberry and Almond Crumble. I really enjoyed it but it had a heck of a lot of sugar in it, which might not be entirely necessary due to the sweetness of the strawberries. I loved the contrast in textures. The soft strawberries combined with the crunch of the flaked almond-topping. A real treat.

Goddess Mx

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