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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Music I want my Son to Listen to (whilst eating Speedy Seafood Supper)!

This post is inspired by ghostwritermummy who, like me, loves the fabulous Ben Folds. To enter your link read her post on Daniel Johnston.

I love music. It makes me happy when I am sad, soothes me when I am tired, celebrates with me when I am on a high, and provides a constant soundtrack to my life. As I type this, the Black Eyed Peas track 'I've Got a Feeling' is playing on the radio which never fails to make me smile. I like to say I have good taste in music across a broad spectrum of genres. However, my guilty secret is now out that I enjoy a bit of Alexandra Burke or Cheryl Cole when I am doing some cleaning around the house, the volume cranked up high. In particular, songs that have impacted on me, or hold dear memories are:

Levellers – 'One Way' (reminds me of my first music festival – T in the Park - back in the early nineties where I bounced along to bands like the Manic Street Preachers and Rage Against the Machine);

The Smiths – 'There is a Light that Never Goes Out' (very romantic albeit a bit morbid lyrically, and reminds me of dancing around our tiny flat when we first moved to Leeds with friends);

Fleetwood Mac – 'Go Your Own Way'; Cat Stevens – 'Matthew and Son' (again reminds me of parties in the flat, and happy times with friends who we have now lost touch with);

Orson – 'No Tomorrow' (reminds me of a job I had working with substance misusers, one of the best and most rewarding I have ever had);

Radiohead – 'Anyone can Play Guitar' (memories of when I first realised that I wanted to work in the arts/events industry);

Desree – 'Kissing You' (memories of Master M and I when we first got together, and our ‘first dance’ song);

Wes – 'Alane' (memories of a holiday in Western France as footloose and fancy-free young lass);

Morrissey – 'First of the Gang to Die' (saw him three times in the year he released ‘You are the Quarry’ – mucho respect. The most rowdy gigs I have ever been to);

Teenage Fanclub – 'Radio' (the first band I have ever truly loved. This is my most played track ever. I used to listen to it up-loud lying on the sofa with headphones on. One of the best bands ever, in the same genre as the fabulous Belle and Sebastian; Camera Obscura and BMX Bandits);

Ben Folds Five – 'Song for the Dumped' (memories of teenage angst, and a soul-searching night with Master M at their gig);

I would be delighted if Little M liked any of the above-mentioned, and really can’t wait to find out what he is into, whether it is classical music, heavy metal, reggae or hard-house! The only indication I have so far is that he liked me listening to The Script album when I was pregnant (could feel him ‘dancing’) and has a penchant for ‘Away in a Manger’ several times a day which has now been prohibited until next Advent.

I also hope he likes seafood! I made a glorious seafood supper last night consisting of a bag of frozen seafood added to spring onions heated in garlic oil, saffron-infused boiling water, vermouth, tomatoes, tarragon and seasoning. This genius soup was devoured alongside some doughy granary bread. I recommend that everyone tries this, while listening to any of the music above for a night of happiness to brighten up a dreary January evening.

Goddess Mx


  1. Mmm, I too love seafood, and it's something I've been a bit lax with introducing to my children - apart from the odd prawn or two. Must. Try. Harder.
    Also great selection of music!

  2. I was just typing a long comment about what a cool idea I think this playlist is and about how much I love the Black Eyed Peas and about how I was just listening to them today... when my cat walked across my keyboard and did 'something' that made the page disappear. Grrrr... Anyway, now you know :)

  3. Great picks, I love fleetwood Mac and Cat Stevens, often play them.

  4. PS, where in Yorkshire are you from?

  5. Julie B - My boy hasn't had seafood yet - I always think of it as more 'grown-up' food although might try soon.

    Michelloui - just wanted to fess up that this blog post wasn't actually my idea! I joined in with others posting their beloved music via ghostwritermummy's blog (have added the link to the beginning of this post).

    missbehaving - I am from sunny Leeds :)

  6. well go t'foot of our stairs, I'm from sunny Harrogate.;)