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Hello and welcome to my blog.

This is my very first one, so bear with me and enjoy reading about my adventures cooking all of the recipes from Nigella Lawson's new book 'Kitchen'.

From time-to-time I may post about things other than cooking, after all, Nigella does sell a lifestyle that most women would like have a slice of, so I would like to share a bit of mine - not quite as glamorous but fun none-the-less (may I add that most of my ideas and thoughts revolve around food anyway)!

Just to set the scene a little, I am based in Yorkshire, live with my husband and gorgeous toddler who is rapidly approaching his second year. I work in the events industry and love music, books, fashion, culture and of course... food.


Goddess Mx (meant in the loosest possible sense, believe me)!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

'Caravan of Love'

What could be more appealing on a Tuesday night than Slut’s Spaghetti? The title of this dish is the English translation of Spaghetti alla puttanesca, and was invented by Sandro Petti, co-owner of a famous Italian restaurant in the 1950s. One evening Sandro was low on ingredients to cook for friends, so they insisted he “Facci una puttanata qualsiasi", or “make any kind of garbage” which he did (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaghetti_alla_puttanesca). Nigella doesn’t mince her words and breaks this down in ‘Kitchen’ to say that it is a pasta dish that might be made by a lady who can’t be bothered to shop for her ingredients fresh, so uses jarred goods from the pantry. Sounds good to me!

The method for the pasta sauce is as follows: heat olive oil, add chopped anchovies, crushed garlic, tomatoes, chilli flakes, olives, capers, season and leave to simmer for 10 minutes while the pasta cooks. Once the spaghetti is al dente, combine, plate up and sprinkle with chopped parsley. All that was left to do was slurp greedily (is it possible to eat spaghetti without making a mess)?

Next up was some good old telly – One Born Every Minute which never fails to make me cry (and start planning the birth plan of my next not-conceived-yet baby); and Big Gypsy Weddings which fascinated me no end, and got me thinking again about my dream to have my own vintage chintzy caravan in the garden. Let’s call it my special ‘summer house’ to escape to for chocolate eating, reading and general ‘I love me’ stuff.

Goddess Mx

PS - might not do much more cooking for the rest of the week from 'Kitchen', as I have been called for an audition on Sunday for ITV's Britain's Best Dish - need to practice! Making a pudding and will keep you posted :)


  1. Wonderful recipe and good luck !!! I wish we got more British tv shows over here.

  2. An audition for a TV show? Wow! Good luck!

  3. Good luck with your audition! I recently won a copy of Kitchen, though I've yet to make anything from it. I'll check back here to see what I should make first!

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