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This is my very first one, so bear with me and enjoy reading about my adventures cooking all of the recipes from Nigella Lawson's new book 'Kitchen'.

From time-to-time I may post about things other than cooking, after all, Nigella does sell a lifestyle that most women would like have a slice of, so I would like to share a bit of mine - not quite as glamorous but fun none-the-less (may I add that most of my ideas and thoughts revolve around food anyway)!

Just to set the scene a little, I am based in Yorkshire, live with my husband and gorgeous toddler who is rapidly approaching his second year. I work in the events industry and love music, books, fashion, culture and of course... food.


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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Confectionary Queen

It has been a few days since I last blogged (and yes I am now addicted)!

In a jolly mood on Christmas Eve, I made some Puddini Bonbons with the following sweet treats:
cooled christmas pudding
melted dark chocolate
icing sugar
golden syrup

This mixture was then rolled (quite messily) into little squidgy balls and chilled on a lined baking tray in the fridge. Next bit was the icing stage which consisted of melting (and eating at the same time) white chocolate dribbled on each bonbon, and then quite literally adorning with a cherry on the top - well, a slither of red glace cherry, and two of green to mimic holly. Pretty personified.

The sweets were then placed into adorable gold petit four cases, and popped into christmas gift boxes - the perfect stocking gifts for all staying at our abode.

Thinking I was confectionary queen, I then went on to make Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, or fake Reese Peanut Butter Cups. Now, these things looked like they were made at Little M's nursery and I was too embarassed to get them out to serve to our christmas guests. Didn't stop me sneaking into the kitchen though to chomp on them as they tasted just as good as the real thing. The base was made of smooth peanut butter, icing sugar and butter, and the topping a mixture of melted mixed milk/dark chocolate.

I have got it really lucky in my house over the christmas period as my huz is in charge of the kitchen, just the way he likes it so who am I to interfere? My addition to the christmas day feast was Redder than Red Cranberry Sauce - cranberries, caster sugar, cherry brandy and water. So simple yet so good. No excuse whatsover to buy it again.

I decided that because I was taking a step back from christmas day cooking, the Chrimbo Eve feast would be my doing - Ginger-Glazed Ham and Macaroni Cheese (didn't get a photo of the ham unfortunately). We normally don't bother with cooking on CE and opt for a takeaway but this will be my new thing as again, simplicity at its best. All I needed to do was bung my ham joint in a pot with ginger ale and gently boil for 3.5 hours, glaze with ginger conserve, mustard, brown sugar and ground cloves and bang in the oven for 20 minutes. As for the pasta, I par-boiled some macaroni, made a cheese sauce with flour, butter, milk, emmental, cheddar, parmesan and condensed milk, and oven-cooked to perfection. For dessert we had shop-bought vanilla ice-cream (good quality) with my (here's one I did earlier) golden sultanas soaked in Grand Marnier. Yummy sups.

As usual the whole christmas thing has gone in a haze. We have had a houseful of family which has been lovely, and it really was the best yet with Little M. His phrase of Christmas Day was 'more presents'. Very cute. One of his favourite gifts was a 'bag for life' from the Early Learning Centre with plastic food in it which he proceeded to distribute to all in his vicinity, whilst naming each item.

Looking forward to eating and drinking less tomorrow (said that yesterday too) and a brisk walk with my boys. We managed a walk to Roundhay Park on Christmas Day, and a saunter around Bolton Abbey on Boxing Day with a bit of sledging thrown in, but I, and my bulging tummy, are pleading for a bit of physical activity. Maybe so I have the excuse to keep eating, drinking and being merry.

Goddess Mx

PS - other highlights of our lovely christmas were a surprise visit from my mum, our new SLR camera, and gorgeous smelly cheeses, wines and fois gras on boxing day, courtesy of my sister-in-law's French fella who enjoyed (we hope) his first British Christmas at ours.

Goddess Mx


  1. Thanks you for visiting my blog! The best things about the greens in my basket was that they were free! OMG, those peanut butter cups look like they are to die for! Have a wonderful week!


  2. Your little puddinis are so cute! Thanks for dropping by my blog =D

  3. Nigella's Peanut Butter Cups are to die for! I didn't make them this year becasue they are so addictive!

  4. I love these puddini bon bons! Great to see them in "real life" so to speak!! Happy New Year!

  5. Love your puddinis - I have had to keep mine in the freezer!

    Love the sound of your CE dinner - perfection!